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Golden Tips for Bahria Town Phase-9 Plot Files holders.
by Professor Tahir Jamil

Market prices of Bahria Town plot files have reduced to half in last six months. Now its pricess are even less than the amount paid to Bahria Town. If you have 10 marla plot file than you could use following methods to reduce your loss.

1- Delay payment up to two installments.

2- Transfer file in your name by paying Rs. 7711.In this you will get forms of Awami villa scheme for free.

3- Merge your files if you have more than one file. At present if you have three paid installment file than it means that it has four installments potential since initial booking amount Rs. 75,000 will be included. So if you merge one three paid file into other file than it would mean that you have paid seven installments. In this way you could wait for more than one and half years until prices return to previous level.

4- Refund your one kanal file if you like. You will get Rs. 415,000 (4 lac 15 thousand rupees).Bahria Town unjustly deduct 20 (twenty) percent of the amount paid to Bahria Town at the time of refunding and return money in six months.


Professor Tahir Jamil

Educator/ Freelance Journalist/Human rights activists.

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